another lover hits the universe;
the circle is broken.

i am forever in a love affair with films, television, old hollywood, nymphets and the sixties/seventies.

♡ infp. ♡

abscondites replied to your post “having a blue velvet dress for prom because i am sooo david lynch”

i wish you were my best friend in high school tbh

fuck high school. we can be best friends now. and when (if) i get into UQ we will be best UQ friends. 

having a blue velvet dress for prom because i am sooo david lynch

i hate it when somebody does a cover of a song sung originally by the opposite gender and they change the pronouns. like why’d you do that?? scared people will think you’re gay?? boo fucking hoo. 

Anonymous said:
I know the caption that went along with your latest Instagram post is just the lyrics to body electric, but you actually do look like what I imagine Elvis and Marilyn's child would look like.

Thank you oh my god this has to be the most flattering message ever received! Ever! xx

every episode of x files


mulder: scully u dtb

scully: what

mulder: down to Believe

do i have to walk around being a fucking bitch to everyone? is that the only way people will stop thinking i am flirting with them and that i am interested? am i not allowed to be nice anymore?